Best Fishing Lures for Pike

When the time is right and the feeding window for the pike is open, a big fish of this species will attack almost anything that moves in the waters around it. Here, using live bait is pretty much useless because the pike goes into a hunting mode, looking for other fishes. During these feeding frenzies, fishermen with the right tools at their disposal can really end up with an incredible catch. In these periods, trophy pike can be attained with some simple cranking and casting action, of course, accompanied by the most effective lures. In this case, like in many others, using them instead of living bait is not just more elegant, but also insanely more useful. With the modern technology and centuries of know-how, the lures have become incredible in their performance. Here is an overview of the best fishing lures for pike and the reasons why they can produce superb fishing experiences.

Rattling Lure

The rattling lure is an excellent choice for going after pike in clear waters that have come over grassy terrain recently. The key action part of the lure is its rattling movement that is designed to catch the eye of pike. Thanks to their design, they perfectly mimic the movements of a baitfish that is fleeing to safety. When a pike recognizes this sight, it is compelled to attack it, resulting in a chance for a great catch. Additionally, the rattles on the lure are also used to enhance the walking retrieve of the object as a whole.

Spinner Bait Lure

In the entirety of the hobby and sports fishing, spinners are one of the most dominant choices out of the whole pallet of lures. Their action is both eye-catching and well-designed in terms of hydrodynamics proper pits the lure has when it is in the water. The pike spinnerbait lure is also specially designed to be tough and durable, being that they easily catch the attention of truly huge pike specimens. This is why they are reinforced with a wire frame and will be able to use it against the fish’s powerful teeth and jaws. These spinners regularly come with a steel leader measuring up to 12 inches. With it on the lure, there is no chance that a big fish could bite off the line.

Spoon Lure

Spoons feature a lure design that is one of the best in terms of its activity when submerged and being pulled. The essentially simple design of a spoon actually works wonders in the movement and the glitter and action of spoon lures is common knowledge. Its wobbling and wiggling motion is simply the ideal thing for most pike in clear waters. They are particularly appreciated as the best fishing lures for pike by fisherman that love to fish in deeper waters. There, they are able to use the spoon lure set to different depths, looking for the best option for a particular spot – all the while, the lure remains equally useful.

Using one or more of these lures is a sure way to get to pike in great abundance. With them, even the big trophy specimens can be caught by moderately experienced fishermen.