PDLC Glass For Home and Hospital Windows

September 24, 2022 By Brandon Murray

PDLC Glass For Home and Hospital
PDLC glass is a great choice for home windows that allow for natural light to enter a
room while maintaining privacy กระจกขุ่น. Learn more about PDLC technology in our PDLC
Switchable Film Explained guide. This glass also makes an excellent en-suite privacy
glass. PDLC glass has a long history of use in hospitals and other commercial
settings. It is also used in hospitals and en-suites as partitions.

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PriWatt(tm) Film
PDLC Glass and PriWatt(tm) films add an extra layer of security and privacy to your
windows and doors กระจกประหยัดพลังงาน. The film strengthens the glass and blocks 98% of UV and
Infrared rays. Direct exposure to these rays is damaging to the furnishings and your
health. Unlike traditional blinds, this film will not scratch or degrade over time. To
get the most benefit, you’ll need a perfect glass.
PDLC Glass and PRIWATT(tm) Films help minimize the impact of outdoor
temperatures on your interior. The film consumes just 0.5 watts per square foot
when in use and none when off. This film enables a wide variety of interior glazing
applications, including glazed doors, conference rooms, patient consultation rooms,
and commercial bathrooms. Moreover, PDLC Film is also safe for your interior
design, and can be used in many different applications.
Non-adhesive PDLC glass
If you’d like to have non-adhesive PDLC film installed in your home, the film is

available in self-adhesive and adhesive versions. The adhesive version has a self-
clinging layer on the rear side and sticks directly to the glass. This makes it an

affordable and easy-to-install option for your home. The film becomes opaque when
the power is off and transparent when the light is on.
Another new technology for homes is a smart film that is self-adhesive. This type of
film offers smart privacy management through its self-adhesive nature. It is also
customizable, providing privacy and security for your home. You can cut this smart
film to any shape for a custom fit for your glass. This film can also be used to turn
any glass into a high-definition rear projection screen.

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PDLC glass as partitions in hospitals
Using PDLC glass as partitions in hospitals offers several advantages. One of the
best features is its low maintenance. The glass is switchable between transparent
and opaque. This allows healthcare professionals to check on a patient without
disturbing them. The glass is also easy to clean. A hospital that uses PDLC glass as
partitions will have a healthier and safer patient environment. Its versatility makes it
a great choice for hospital partitions.
The PDLC glass used as hospital partitions allows for more natural light. In addition,
the switchable glass makes it possible to create privacy in a nursery. The smart
glass also doesn’t block natural light. Therefore, PDLC glass is a great choice for any

hospital or medical center. Hospitals can make the best use of this glass by making
it switchable between clear and opaque. Its design versatility makes it an excellent
choice for many interior glazing applications, including conference rooms, patient
consultation rooms, and office partitions.
PDLC glass as privacy glass in en-suites
Using PDLC glass as privacy in an en-suite provides a unique set of benefits. First, it
is safe and does not require a high level of maintenance. Second, the glass is
relatively thin, and can be easily adjusted to the desired thickness. Third, it has a
long service life – some manufacturers have demonstrated that PDLC glass can last
more than 10 years.
PDLC glass works by using thousands of tiny crystals that change their refractive
index in relation to a polymer. This causes light to scatter in several directions,
which in turn allows it to pass through. The technology has numerous uses,
including building automation and commercial smart windows. And because it is so
versatile, en-suites can benefit from privacy glass that doesn’t block natural light.


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