Best Fishing Lures for Catfish

Catfish is one of the most popular choices for most fishermen. When it comes to the way to catch it, many believe that the best way to fish for them is to use live and cut bait. While this has some traditional value, the truth is that catfish is a much better target for precisely manufactured lures and other means of artificial bait that provides better results than live bait. Naturally, this process is based on the knowledge and experience of the catfish behaviour, as well as its characteristics. That is why these lures have been created with the purpose of providing maximal effectiveness and offering the same to even the most inexperienced fishermen. Here is the overview of the best fishing lures for catfish.

The Ideal Catfish Environment

This type of fish is able to detect vibrations and smell different kinds of scents in muddy waters. However, with the use of lures, the fisherman’s chances improve when they go after these specimens in clear water. These include lakes and rivers where the waters are clear but also importantly, the bottoms are not covered with mud that easily rises to the surface. In this type of an environment, catfish resort primarily on their eyesight and this is exactly the thing that these plastic fishing lures use to their advantage. Instead of using the chemistry of the live bait, they utilize the visual appeal that they produce to the catfish which will then advance towards it instinctively, believing the lure to be a potential prey it can eat up. At the same time, lures are also able to produce a level of other sensory information, like vibration and even scent, in which case they really offer the fishermen a great opportunity to catch amazing specimens.

Lures for Catfish

Basically, there are two big categories of lures that are used for catfish. The first group includes contented lures. These use the fact that catfish has sensory elements for smell all over their bodies, so they are easily attracted to different scents. Scented lures emit these forms of scent and often mask themselves to appear as live bait. The same scent is released as soon as they enter the water and it is not long before the catfish being to take notice.

The second big group comes in the form of lures that use vibration which the catfish can detect. Catfish lures manage to get this effect mainly thanks to their effective design and a range of material that they use. These sometimes also produce a rattle noise which is also audible to the fish, making the lure a bigger target for them. When it comes to the actual materials, different types of plastic and silicone are very useful in this role. At the same time, these are also great for mimicking a range of smaller fishes that the catfish eat regularly.

With all of this going for the lures, it is clear that they provide a huge advantage to anyone who fishes using them. While live bait is also often used, it is plain to see that best fishing lures for catfish still provide the better alternative, especially for anyone fishing in clear waters.